The payment and completion of your order can be made in the following ways:

  1. With PayPal
  2. With deposit in bank account


  1. Pay with Paypal

    In Paypal the transaction is safely completed with the on-line system of Paypal.

    We do not save any information in your account.

    In every successful transaction, you will receive an automatic email in the address you provided and how to get your discount coupon and redeem your order.

  2. Pay with deposit in bank account

    With this payment method, transfer the money to the accounts listed below, either via e-banking, or by direct payment to the Bank.

    During the transaction, there should be DEFINITELY deposit justification and will be the number of your order or transaction ID (eg order 1234).

    Then send an e-mail to with your name, order number, date of deposit and the bank to deposit the fee.

    We will confirm the transaction by sending an order confirmation email and then a period of one (1) day, you will receive and the coupon offer redemption.

Useful Remarks

  1. In case of non-confirmation of the transaction by our company, you will need to send us the bank receipt by email at
  2. The deposit must be in full, without entailing any bank charges.
  3. The submission and completion of the transaction must be one (1) business day before the expiration time of the tender.
  4. The submission and completion of the transaction must be made five days at the latest from the time of order, otherwise will be canceled.


  • National Bank of Greece : 314 / 985156 – 96

    IBAN: GR 89011 0314 0000 0314 9851 5696

  • Piraeus Bank : 5500 – 055491 – 861

    IBAN: GR 26 0172 5000 0055 0005 5491

  • ALPHA Bank: 541 – 002101 – 244155

    IBAN: GR72 0140 5410 5410 0210 1244 155


All accounts are registered in the name: «Barla Penelope»

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