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Hotel CMS

Description iHotel the best hotel management App

Control your app content via web based Content Management System

Our application is considered to be an enterprise solution, since it is easy to manage with a very simple based content management system that enables businesses to edit the whole content of the application without any difficulty of training. iHotel includes the system management of all areas your hotel’s operation such as monitoring response times, allowing instant content updates & changes, streamlining ticket/request management and managing data securely.

All guest’s requests are effectively and in real time communicated in an instant and automatic way .The data will be stared in your system and thus no staff data re-entry is required.

Hotels can have access to statistics with accurate and immediate data since performance charts, graphs and numbers can be viewed in real time. Now every hotel is modified, monitored and managed through iHotel.

To make your guests feel more comfortable and in order to create more personal connections your guests are sent direct welcoming messages and they are provided with the opportunity to sign in with their own username .Furthermore, videos and banner ads information as well as advice is promoted to every or to selected guestrooms.

You are able now to include various events, promotions, menus and or offers and change the whole content in real time.

Guest Services

Connect and engage guests with powerful features in the app

i-Hotel is the ultimate multi-tasker.

In our booming technological era our customers are always looking for services that provide them with content, control and convenience. Actually, what each hotel wants is satisfied guests and something that will give them an advantage towards their competitive properties, so as to increase their hotel’s revenue. A new technological achievement is presented by iHotel which provide hotels with a user-friendly app, including all your guests’ services. The idea behind the creation of iHotel is to design an app that will deal with each hotel as a unique property caring about your hotel’s brand and amenity standards. The convenient touch screen technology enables your guests to easily navigate through your hotel’s offers, services or get entertained through games and social media.

iHotel focuses on the needs of each guest, giving him/her the opportunity to ask questions, make a request, place orders, set tennis or massage time, schedule their transportation at his/her time, on the convenience of his/her place just by one click using their mobile and/or tablet.

Requests for call back service or in-room dining and much more have never been easier and more secure with iHotel. iHotel is designed to fit many types of web enabled platforms giving your guests the conveniences of efficiency and control. Your guests are now able to explore and make booking requests for all your hotel services and control their stay in a unique interactive manner. And the most important is that there’s no data re-entry by your staff. The guest requests go right into “about guests” and are delivered instantaneously to appropriate departments and staff.


Direct booking

Description iHotel the best hotel management AppiHotel increases your revenue by providing direct reservation and/or booking orders and requests, with push- notifications and interactive service offering.
Having all the information and the images digitized, helps you save paper and money since all the information without the use of “About Guest” would be in printed form.Employees spend less time recording data and more time providing services, since phone operations are reduced. Moreover, since information flows and is actually powered in real time without transcription errors or delays, human errors are reduced and the efficiency of your hotel is increased while the labor cost is reduced providing your hotel an advantage toward the other hotels.Make your guests see and feel the differences provided by iHotel by connecting your staff and the digital system and create an enjoyable and comforting hotel stay increasing your revenue and having happy guests.
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